X-Speed United

X-Speed United was formed in 2019 as a joint initiative between Western Australia, Canada and Hong Kong, with a focus on developing young riders from these three countries.

Noting the need for a new and sustainable model in cycling, a three-way agreement between the parties was established to contribute resources and ideas to an alliance dedicated to developing our junior riders.

X-Speed United, named after Hong Kong’s X-Speed Sports Club and their Western Australian sister club X-Speed Australia Cycle Club, debuted at the Tour of Johor in Malaysia in 2019 and went on to race a successful Asian tour calendar.

With the passing of Hong Kong director Andrew Szeto midway through the year, the team lost the man who established the X-Speed name and the driving force behind the junior development of the Hong Kong cycling fraternity.

Following Szeto’s loss, the direction of the team has now moved to Canada where we have partnered with Canadian kinesiology tape manufacturer, Spidertech.

X-Speed United is proud of its X-Speed origin and will never sacrifice our long-held principle of retaining our X-Speed name regardless of our status, country of registration or stakeholder obligations. This brand mandate forms part of our new and sustainable model in cycling and pays tribute to the man who started it all.


X Speed United Staff:

Rick Lee - Canada
Amanda O'Connor - Australia
Murray Hall - Australia
Marc Godart - Luxemburg
Art Adams - Canada

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X-Speed United

24 riders from 6 countries have pulled on an X-Speed United jersey since the team was formed in 2019.

With multiple stage podiums, wins and top 10 results, X-Speed United stars shone brightly in their debut year.

The team lined up for our 2020 debut race, Doorpenomloop Ruchpen in the Netherlands, prior to the UCI suspending the international racing calendar shortly thereafter due to Covid-19.

Many of our riders achieved great personal success throughout 2019 and inspire the new members of X-Speed United to similar future victories.

Meet our 2020 roster here:


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